Illustrations by me! 

A Halloween coloring pages, by me! Fun for anyone to color in! Right-click or control-click to download and print, and if you share your awesome coloring talents online tag me please! ✌🏼

Yo-Yo Ma and LeVar Burton at a campfire. I'll be making stickers of this image soon, so stay tuned! This image was made for The Toast, If LeVar Burton and Yo-Yo Ma Were Your Dads.

Parenting advice can be nice, but not when it's unsolicited! Unwanted advice gets the finger in this illustration I made for The Toast, for a piece I wrote: Totally Appropriate Responses to Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Pillows that really say something. I collaborated with Jenn Knott on her hilarious take on "inspirational throw pillows" that have more personality than empathy. Published in Weekly Humorist, Intentionally Uninspiring Throw Pillows.

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